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Nestled at the White Mountains’ feet, the Woodstock Inn Brewery is a kingdom of libation and leisure. With four rebellious pubs, two epicurean havens, and over 40 distinctive chambers, it’s more than an inn—it’s an experience. Their craft brews, born from local alchemy, dominate New England’s stores and taprooms. Here, every sip is a mountain rebellion.


The craft beer realm erupted like a hop-fueled wildfire. Styles morphed, methods twisted, and audiences pirouetted. Craft beer’s essence underwent a Younger Dryas upheaval, and shelf space turned into a CPG Fight Club. Amid the chaos, Woodstock Inn Brewery lost its way. Their marketing stagnated, and sales took a nosedive into the brew abyss.


Enter the Ski-Pass design, a visual ode to the White Mountains—geometric, abstract, and oozing vibrancy. Each beer became a kaleidoscope of distinct hues, a coded masterpiece. Limited edition 16-ounce cans, a canvas reflecting New England’s stoic pines, the White Mountains’ shadow, and a touch of Ralph Steadman’s madness against the New England sky. Because, hey, a limited edition demands extraordinary uniqueness, right? The beers took flight online, storming through digital ads, social media ruckus, a spanking-new website, radio chaos, and print artistry. The rebellion was unleashed.


With the brand identity overhaul in full throttle, the client rode the sales rollercoaster, witnessing a jaw-dropping 39% spike year over year. The can and packing designs? Sharper, clearer, and downright magnetic. Their products? No longer wallflowers on the shelves—they were the headliners. The revolution had its rewards.


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Woodstock, New Hampshire


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Woodstock Brewery

“Brandartica’s involvement resulted in a lot of good organizational changes. They were passionate and enthusiastic and an increase in sales resulted from their marketing leadership. You can 100% trust Brandartica with your brand”

– Senior Marketing Manager, Woodstock Inn Brewery
Woodstock Brewery

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