Local Time Brewing

Local Time Brewing


Step right into the world of Local Time Brewing, nestled in the heart of Holly Springs, NC, USA – where imagination runs wild, friendships are forged, and every sip is a journey. Picture this: the brainchild of the dynamic duo, Chris and Kelly Gallagher, who have woven the essence of life into the very fabric of their craft beers. At Local Time Brewery, beer isn’t just a beverage; it’s a global celebration of processes, ingredients, styles, and cultures.


Chris and Kelly had a crystal-clear vision – a brand that embodied the taproom experience with a passport-stamp-worthy, cultured, and inclusive vibe. “No dickheads allowed” was the battle cry, though alas, it remained shelved for a more, let’s say, universally acceptable slogan. The taproom would dance to the tunes of beer and limited cocktails, but no food – not an issue, thanks to the bustling restaurants surrounding them.


As we dove into logo development, ideas for packaging and labels flooded in like an unstoppable wave. The only problem? The clients loved everything! After a whirlwind brainstorm, we settled on a color palette mirroring the Holly Springs locale sprinkled with hints of travel, time, and adventure. The pièce de résistance? A clock/sundial set permanently at 5 PM – because, let’s be real, it’s always cocktail hour somewhere. And the tagline, the brand’s beating heart, became the spirited rally cry – “Go Forth and Beer Happy.” This set the stage for the original website designs. Simple, clean, branded, and endlessly inviting.


In the puzzling aftermath, you’ll discover a timeless logo, CPG brand design, and products that sell themselves in stores. The Gallaghers, with their spirited team, a bustling hive of activity, and craft brews as elixirs inspire journeys of cultural revelation. For those distant, an invitation to board a mythical steel dragon and take flight is encouraged*. Local Time Brewing, a hub of libations and wanderlust, weaves a vibrant tapestry of flavors. A whimsical haven where each sip beckons adventure and the call to “Go Forth and Beer Happy” resonates. Join the revelry, whether arriving on mythical wings or more earthly means.

*All flights and travel plans require you to actually pay for them yourself though


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Holly Springs, North Carolina


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Local Time Brewing

“The team at Brandartica are some of the most creative people I know and the quality of their work is absolutely industry leading. Our customers are able to identify our products quickly in a crowded market while also learning visually what we’re all about based on the great work they did in designing our labels. 

– Chris Gallagher, Local Time Brewery

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