BlabaBooth, a division of Innovative Foto – DNP Imagincomm, boasts over 1,200 booths across the United States, melding classic photo booth charm with modern technology and trends. While the essence lies in entertainment and experience, the brand’s extension into printing photo strips and selling customized merchandise is pivotal.


The allure of the photo booth persists for its nostalgic appeal and spontaneous enjoyment. However, younger demographics may view it with skepticism, being more attuned to the instant gratification of social media and equipped with smartphones capable of replicating its functions. Moreover, the brand’s identity poses a quandary – is “BlabaBooth” a memorable brand name in this landscape, or does it pose a hindrance? Furthermore, does the overall experience across the booth, online, and on social media platforms seamlessly connect? Initial research suggests a disconnection in these aspects.


Our approach commenced with a deep dive into understanding the team’s aspirations and internal obstacles. Having previously relied on a PR agency, they sought genuine creative ideation and robust support for idea execution. With a potential website redesign looming, Brandartica is concentrating on enhancing both B2B and B2C facets. Our recent campaign has seen collaboration with two influential social media personas – not household names for you, but your kids certainly know them.


Piper Rockelle and Michelle Foley (The Foley Family) are YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram dynamos. Upon releasing our TikTok promotion featuring Piper Rockelle and her BFF visiting a BlabaBooth in West Hollywood, views skyrocketed past 500,000 within the first day, with engagement exceeding 50,000. By week’s end, our reach had surpassed 1 million engagements. Audiences were promptly exposed to the BlabaBooth experience and encouraged to create their own, utilizing the booth locator and a unique merchandise code offering discounts and exclusive items.




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