Orella Acoustics

Orella Acoustics


Orella Acoustics, born from chaos, now rocks the car audio scene. From nameless to notorious, we conjured Orella, meaning “announcement of the Gods” in Latin, reflecting luxury audio for divine rides. Our rebellious brand overhaul birthed sleek design, sexy vibes, and powerful beats. Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Miami, and everywhere in between where people value a performance Tesla, BMW with an elevated studio-quality sound system, please meet the future!


The founding crew was drowning in silence — no name, no brand swagger, no message, a website void, and a sales team MIA. A total brand blackout.


Brandartica unleashed chaos to craft the symphony. Orella Acoustics was born, an auditory rebel. We painted an abstract masterpiece for a logo, orchestrated a sleek website, and set the social scene ablaze. From CPG design to branding, we flipped the switch on convention. Brace yourselves for this sonic iconic revolution is just beginning.


Orella Acoustics just dropped the mic with the ultimate brand launch! Picture this: a slick, UX-optimized website that’s not just a pretty face – it’s integrated with a PayPal merchant account, Ship Station, and even flexes customized shipping options. Yeah, we’re talking about next-level convenience.



Consumer Electronics (CE) Audio


Los Angeles, California


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Orella Acoustics

Coming Out Swinging

Orella Acoustics came out swinging with their Telsa model-compatible audio systems. And guess what? You can cop these bad boys with the full package – complete with a design that’s as on-point as your favorite playlist. Online variations? Yeah, they got that covered, too.

Orella Acoustics doesn’t just want you to hear the music; they want you to feel it. So, buckle up, audiophiles – Orella Acoustics is here, and they’re making waves with style and swagger.

Orella Acoustics

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