Balmy Days Cruises

Balmy Days Cruises


Balmy Days Cruises, the Seasonal Cruise and Ferry Tour company in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, decided it was time to shake off its old seaweed and dive into a fresh rebrand. Surrounded in freshly chummed water by beady-eyed competition… Enter Brandartica, those creative SOB’s on a mission to make waves.


Balmy Days Cruises wasn’t just battling ocean currents; they had competitors on their bow, an outdated logo, and a non-user-friendly website with backend access lost at sea.


Brandartica sailed in, armed with creativity and a touch of irreverence. They revamped Balmy Days Cruises’ logo, website, and overall brand vibe.

The rebranding logo effort focused on creating an iconic brand stamp. Capturing the image and movement of one of Balmy Days boats (The Novelty), the motion of the ocean, upbeat, classic colors that reflected the maritime flags that signal a calm sea, and clear skies. The website was an exercise in incorporating the new design with visuals and text reinforcing the experience tourists from around the globe head to Maine for: “See Maine, By The Sea!”…Get it?


The new brand set sail and instantly caught the wind. Website traffic surged, bookings hit the high seas, and Balmy Days Cruises became the talk of the coastal town. Brandartica didn’t just rebrand; they turned Balmy Days Cruises into the pirates of the tourist seas, ready to conquer Boothbay Harbor, one delighted customer at a time.

Just like a ship needs wind to sail, Balmy Days Cruises needed Brandartica to blow away the competition. Smooth sailing, mates!


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“The crew at BRANDARTICA has done a great job creating our new logo, redoing our website, and improving our social media presence. Communication has been excellent. The results are already showing. Highly recommended.”

– Capt. Bill, Balmy Days Cruises

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