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Your business or brand is just getting started. There’s a good chance you either have some ideas or received input about how your business should look, be named, or styled. Setting up the identity of a successful brand or business is not something you leave in the hands of a family member or a friend with a little extra time on their hands. This is where we can help set the foundation for your success.


You’ve been operating your business for a while. Out of the gate, the needle was moving. Now it’s been a few years, maybe more than that. Things leveled out, perhaps they’ve begun to decline? Let’s take a deep dive into your marketing assets and collateral. A Brand Brush up is an opportunity to maintain the core of what you’ve established while sharpening things up, re-energizing your audience, and attracting a new one!


Your logo is a critical part of your brand identity. It’s got to be reflective of who you are and, what you do, and relevant to the audience you want to attract. If you’re planning to launch your business or brand, we’re likely to start with a few ideas and an empty canvas. If you’re refreshing your brand, there may be some cleanup or minor adjustments that need to be made to get your logo into a fully functional and productive state. We’ll accompany you through three rounds of design iterations to figure out the design solution that works best for you and your needs. Once completed, we’ll provide the file formatting needed for digital, printand social sharing. These files are yours to keep and to use in any way you like.


Whether you realize it or not, your logo will be most effective when used in a consistent manner. The Style Guide gives you (and your vendors) information on the color palette, font usage, and placement rules. Inevitably, 3rd parties will need access to your assets, the Style Guide will inform and keep everyone’s compass pointing toward your true north.

Both your business card and your digital signature are a reflection of the quality of your business, product, or service. It’s the first impression, and often the last impression. We’ll design a memorable card for you and your team, along with recommendations for print vendors, paper, and techniques to make it special. ​Your digital signature (email) will be interactive and will help drive visitors to your website, and social media channels.

Sometimes a website only needs a new facade and a User Experience tune-up. A Website Refresh lets people know you’re still invested in your business and allows you to generate new interest. We can work on 5-8 pages of your site to reintroduce your business to a new audience, while keeping your brand relevant to your current customer base. Our Creative Brief serves as the guidance system for the site design and messaging we think will move your business forward. We’ll also address any UX (User Experience) issues so you end up with a custom-designed WordPress site. After the work is completed to your satisfaction, we will provide training to make sure you can make content updates as needed, without the status quo “handcuffs” to keep you on their “hook” for even minor edits. Learn more about WordPress.

Typical Investment: $15k – $18k

get noticed 

Effective Social Media posting and budget-friendly targeted advertisements generate results you can see. Remember, you have milliseconds to catch people’s attention; once you do, can you get them to react, engage or take a specific action? We offer flexible marketing strategies that can support smaller businesses that are less active on Social Media, plus more intensive tactics for larger companies or brands that need to keep ahead of the competition. If you want the kind of Social Media that gets noticed, Brandartica can help.


Leave it to us. We will collaborate with you to develop a calendar, strategy, and style based on your brand that drives engagement and keeps your social game relevant. Nutshell is this; we create, publish, respond and grow your audience for you.


  • Content Creative: video/animation graphics/imagery
  • Copy: Post text and hashtag campaign
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Publishing
  • Audience growth
  • Audience Listening/Responsiveness

A) 6 Month $2500 per month

B) 12 Month $2200 per month

You have a fantastic brand, product, and service. You need to let people know consistently. The collateral needs to be high-quality, engaging, and available to you (to post yourself) at a moment’s notice. All content is licensed, legal, copywritten and brand aligned with your collaboration. We provide a balance of imagery, graphic design, and animation/video.

A) 6 Month Content Library $1150 per month

B) 12 Month Content Library $1000 per month

Do you have a new product or service to launch? Perhaps you plan or have just completed a new logo or website (or both), it’s so important to capture that momentum and let people know! Why not add some marketing support through your social media platforms? We will handle the creative design, messaging, and formatting.

  • Profile Header –  Facebook page, Linked In & Twitter
  • 6 Promotional tiles include Image or Video Animation
  • Copywriting
  • Publishing recommendations (day/time for optimum audience results)

*  New Site Product Launch
*  Promotional – Awareness
* Holiday Specials or Change our Operational Hours

$1500 includes Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter

retainer partnership

When you have a good thing going, you naturally want to keep it going! Our retainer services operate on a monthly bank of hours, during which we can develop and produce a variety of projects to meet your needs. The advantage to a retainer is we strategize, develop a plan, and then each month Brandartica works on projects and content that feed your marketing plan, or at the very least (if you’re a Marketing Director), make your life easier!

additional services

You need something and you know exactly what it is. All projects are estimated at a fixed fee. Choose any of the services below and we’ll provide you with a firm quote, details of the project and a review process, as well as a timeline. 

Sonic Signature

Product Packaging Design



Photo Retouching

Business Cards

Corporate Annual Reports



Advertising Print & Digital

Radio & Television Advertising

OOH Advertising

Trade Show Collateral

Posters, Signage, & Banners

Brand Apparel

High Conversion Landing Pages

Ecommerce & Web Merchandising

Email Marketing Campaigns

Banner Advertising


Search Engine Optimization

Website Maintenance

well-behaved resource for agencies

Brandartica works and plays well with others.

  • Need an expert WordPress Web Development resource?
  • Need voice over work or social media animation?
  • Need help with your project workload?

Brandartica is ready and prepared to help. We have significant experience with partnering with agencies on projects and providing white-labeled services with minimal project management required.

  • Need us to sign an NDA? Old hat. 
  • Need us to use your fancy project management system? Been there. Done that. 
  • Do we have Agency pricing? Of course.

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